If you've ever been to a Brad Paisley show, you've probably seen his self-drawn and produced animation that greets concert-goers on the big screens. The singer is particularly proud of this year's feature on the American Saturday Night tour.

"It's the first time I've drawn other country artists in the cartoon," Brad tells The Boot. He smiles as he describes the new cartoon, titled 'Country Music Singers Under Attack: Who Will Save Them?' He says the premise is for a superhero to appear to save the day when country stars run into trouble. The part of that superhero is played, of course, by Brad.

"When something happens to one of the country stars, I run and leap into the air and rip off my clothes, and I'm wearing this Superman outfit, and I go off to save the day ... Oh and by the way, at the beginning of the animation it says, 'Based on a true story'," he tells us with a laugh.

"Carrie Underwood is tied to the train tracks, and I go and save her and she says, 'My hero!' Then Kenny Chesney is in the islands and gets attacked by robots, and I fly down and beat them up and he says, 'My hero!' Then Reba is being chased by a dinosaur, which is something that could happen you know, and I save her and she says, 'My hero!'"

There's another star depicted in the video, but Brad wants to leave something to surprise the fans who come see his show. "It was fun to do and also fun to do it without asking permission," Brad jokes. "I asked about 'South Park,' because they get away with some amazing stuff. I was told that parody is the broadest of copyright licenses. You can parody anybody and get away with it, I guess they are really lenient about that. So I was like good, here you go, take a look at Kenny Chesney!"

Brad might try doing some special animation for his sons, Huck and Jasper. He says, like any child with a new sibling, Huck is still making adjustments around his new brother. "Most of the time he loves his brother, but there are certain days when he's not too sure if he has the right mom and dad," he says with a laugh. "It's just a bit of shock for a little boy to have to share things, but I'm glad he has to experience it. I never had to."