Brad Paisley's latest lyric video may look like it was made for kids, but 'Limes' is definitely a drinking song.

The singer recently leaked the tune from his upcoming album 'Moonshine in the Trunk.' Paisley is portrayed as a bearded, cowboy hat-wearing lime in the video, which was released on YouTube as part of the Annoying Orange web series.

Paisley's lime is joined in the video by an Annoying Orange, with the duo trying to one up each other over who is having a worse day.

"My truck broke down, my dog has the flu, and my mom just got out of prison," Paisley says, offering up one of county music's biggest clichés. The full song plays afterward, bringing a sad and delicious end to a group of limes who end up in the blender.

Paisley has been leaking clips from 'Moonshine in the Trunk' on Twitter over the last few weeks, including posting some online without permission from his record company.

'Moonshine in the Trunk' is Paisley's 10th studio album and is set for release on Aug. 25.