Brad Paisley, Kellie PicklerBrad Paisley is the unofficial king of country tour pranks. He's hidden rotten chicken in Blake Shelton's tour bus, trapped Jack Ingram in a cage, and sent men dressed as Cinderella out on stage in the middle of Chuck Wicks' set. But of all the pranks he's pulled on his opening acts throughout the years, his elaborate joke on Kellie Pickler stands out in Brad's mind as his all-time favorite.

"We had Kellie out on the road with us, and it was her last show," Brad said with a laugh on the 'Jay Leno Show.' "We produced a video where we raised a question ... it was called 'You Be The Judge.' We showed photos of her prior to 'American Idol' and after. We just asked if maybe anything was different, which most of you would know ... cosmetically ... something looks different!"

Watch 'You Be the Judge Below,' which Brad admits uses a lot of Photoshop-altered pictures.

"We [made] them to make her look like Dolly Parton after and a small boy before," he explains. "And she had to walk out on stage [after]."

This isn't the first time Brad has pranked Kellie. On his 2007 tour, he once had his bandmates dress up as pimps and storm the stage during Kellie's performance of Dolly's '9 to 5.' "He made it look like I was working '9 to 5' on a street corner -- like I'm hooker!" Kellie told The Boot. "He kept going, 'Where's my money?' And then the biggest guy in the band came out dressed in drag, with red stilettos and a blond wig -- he was supposed to be me."

Brad will be spending the next few weeks brainstorming of new prank ideas for the last leg of his American Saturday Night tour, which resumes Jan. 7 with special guests Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore. Watch out, Miranda and Justin!

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