Brad Paisley is arguably one of the best guitarists in the world, but he might have met his match in a 21-year-old named Dale Baum, who goes by the stage name Blaze.

The young man, who has been playing professionally since the age of 12, has plenty of rock 'n' roll influences, but after he heard an unknown-to-him guitar player on the radio one day, he discovered Paisley and country music.

"Amazing guitar playing blows my mind," Blaze tells the Monett Times. "I found out later [the artist on the radio] was Brad Paisley. That's what brought me to country music. I really appreciate great musical skills."

Blaze made it one of his goals to jam with Paisley -- but instead of sending a formal letter or going through Paisley's management, he wrote a song, appropriately titled "Brad Paisley," that details all of the things he'd be willing to do to play with the country artist, and posted a humorous video for it on YouTube.

"It took few months to film the video," Blaze explains. "We finished it last year and posted in on YouTube on Jan. 20. When you do something like that, you've got to hope in the back of your mind that he could see it."

The clip, which features Blaze hanging out with a cut-out of Paisley's head, also shows off the guitar wizard's impressive skills -- and it was enough to get the "Crushin' It" singer's attention.

"That made my day," Blaze says of the tweet. "It was the best day ever."

And when the two finally did set up their jam session, Paisley went one step further than a meeting at a Guitar Center: On March 5, at a Colorado Springs, Colo., show, he invited Blaze on stage to play. The two performed Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pride and Joy" and Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way," as well as Paisley's songs "River Bank" and "Alcohol" -- and, yeah, it's impressive. A short clip is available above, and more of the performance is available on YouTube.

Blaze currently plays in a Journey tribute band in Las Vegas, although we're guessing that after this experience, he may soon have multiple job offers lined up.

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