Brad Paisley has had seven No. 1 albums and sold out venues all over the country, but, surprisingly, the singer admits he still gets nervous before he hits the stage each night.

"I think there's a little bit of insecurity in anybody willing to stand on a stage," he tells E! News. "Nobody's that confident. If you are, then you haven't experienced shows where you've had more crew members than attendants, which I used to."

The 40-year-old works hard to put together a non-stop show for his loyal fans, but he acknowledges he still questions why thousands of people buy tickets for one of his gigs. "I still think to myself, 'Why did they do this? Why did they drive here, and why did they do this?'" he muses. "That doesn't go away."

Regardless of his insecurity, tickets are quickly selling out for his Beat This Summer tour, which continues this weekend with shows in New York and Ohio. See all of his upcoming concerts here.