Brad Paisley knew his latest single, 'I Can't Change the World,' had a powerful message that he wanted to share with his fans, and now he is taking that message to the big screen.

The singer has announced plans to release a film based on the lyrics of his latest single. “When we were writing this song and started on this album, there are so many themes that are larger than life, secret to happiness type things,” Paisley explains (quote via Taste of Country). “This song is very important. It’s a really timely love song. It wouldn’t have worked 30 years ago as well as it will now. It’s written for the time we live in. Technology, instead of connecting us, it starts to separate us.”

The West Virginia native says the film will explore how digitally dependent society is today, and how the 24-hour endless cycle of news ironically creates a feeling of being even more disconnected than in generations past. "This song and this film project examines the lives of several people as they start to realize that they have to figure this thing out," Paisley continues. "Giving up isn’t the answer. Hiding in your house isn’t the answer. Changing this planet is hard to do for any one person, but if you make a difference in anyone else’s life, yours has meaning.”

The 40-year-old acknowledges that recent tragic events have made the song's message that much more imperative. “I feel like as I look around, and one week it’s the Trayvon Martin hearing and the next week it’s a train derailing in Italy, and prior to that it’s Boston bombings, and it’s tornadoes in Oklahoma, and hurricane season is upon us,” he adds.

“And I just think that’s what people need to be thinking, which is that as much as it feels like you can’t make a difference right now because these problems are global — I think the only response is that you have to keep focused and decide, is there somebody you love … is there somebody who you can change their world, because we can’t change the big picture. But if we did that, that’s what would happen.”

Paisley says that the film, which will start filming later this month, is fictional, but inspired by real life events. He is currently in talks with Sony Pictures to get the film into multiplexes.