Brad Paisley played his 10th career show at RodeoHouston on Saturday night (March 19), and the country star treated the nearly 75,000 people in attendance to a 15-song set full of hits and an appearance from a special guest.

On Saturday afternoon, Paisley teased on Twitter that he had "a little surprise gift" up his sleeve -- and the singer kept his crowd in suspense until just about the end of his set, when he invited Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers to the stage. Together, they performed "Houston (Means I'm One Day Closer to You)," a No. 1 hit for the Gatlins in 1983. Paisley, sporting a huge grin throughout much of the song, was content to let the brothers take the spotlight -- "I don't have a part ... go!" he told Larry Gatlin before beginning the tune -- and as the country legends left the stage, Paisley remarked, "There are not many cities that have a song that cool."

Paisley chose to open his set with "River Bank" and "Water," while "Mud on the Tires" and "Alcohol" ended the night. Shortly into the artist's set, he hyped up concertgoers by asking for a show of hands from those who, among other things, hate Mondays ... then launched into "Crushin' It," complete with a stadium-wide sing-a-long.

"Okay, sports fans -- here we go," Paisley said to introduce "Country Nation." In the middle of the tune, he told the crowd that he was going to rewrite a part of the song -- and, much to the delight of the passionate Texas sports fans in attendance, started listing off the Lone Star State's college sports teams, including the Texas A&M University Aggies and the University of Texas Longhorns.

During "I'm Still a Guy," Paisley took to the rodeo dirt to get close to his fans. Always personable, he wasn't afraid to grab people's phones and snap pictures and take a few videos -- the ultimate souvenir. Paisley even joked around with one fan about having Tinder downloaded.

RodeoHouston 2016, which kicked off at the beginning of March, concludes on Sunday night (March 20), when Keith Urban will perform.

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