Brad PaisleyBrad Paisley has been on a dizzying upward spiral the past few years, both personally and professionally. Above and beyond his numerous accolades, Brad and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley have their young sons, Huck and Jasper, to keep them busy.

With a hefty seven CMA nominations -- including the big one, Entertainer of the Year, Brad has proven he knows how to keep an audience engaged. And last week, he likely found a way to keep them coming back -- Brad gave his millionth concertgoer a brand-new truck!

"It was one of my favorite moments as a recording artist, ever," Brad tells Newsday with a laugh. "I felt like Oprah!"

Even with sublime moments like that, Brad is determined to remain grounded. "I'm not one of these artists who has to have a hitch to be happy ... somebody who sabotages stuff," he says. "It's very common for people to get successful ... and the pressure of it, or the perfection of it, can cause somebody to screw it up on purpose. I'm not like that, thankfully. I'm able to enjoy what's going on right now without the fear of 'will it always be like this?' Because I know it won't."

Brad is also able to comfortably own what he writes -- even in potentially politically-suggestive songs such as his recent smash single, 'Welcome to the Future.'

"People can take something the wrong way, no matter what it is," Brad notes. "When you tell someone that you love them, that doesn't always go well ... and I can't think of a better thing to say to anybody. The song was written carefully, non-politically. It was written about celebrating the positives of living in 2009. As a country that has had some of the worst racial divides in the history of mankind, we elected the first mixed-race president. Regardless of who you voted for, I think everyone was able to see that accomplishment."

Not only is he a seven-time nominee, Brad is getting ready to co-host the CMA Awards with Carrie Underwood on ABC, Nov. 11.