Brad Paisley is now in even more refined music company -- if that's possible -- than he was a week or so ago. The superstar guitarslinger has a Gibson acoustic guitar designed and named just for him, the Brad Paisley J-45.

Brad joins the exclusive ranks of Dwight Yoakam, Kris Kristofferson, John Hiatt, Randy Scruggs, Elvis Costello, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Emmylou Harris, Arlo Guthrie and a handful of other legendary musicians that each have a guitar specifically designed and named for them.

While it's clear Brad's a fiery-twang kind of guy, think of him playing 'Letter to Me,' especially during his current H2O tour. That's when you'll hear that he seems just as home -- some would argue more at home -- on a Gibson flat-top guitar than any of his electric models.

The custom-appointed acoustic guitar from the luthiers of Bozeman, Mont., was constructed in the image of the beloved J-45 "round-shouldered" dreadnought, the top is constructed of prized solid Adirondack Red Spruce top, while the back and sides are solid mahogany. Additionally, the guitar has a one-piece custom mahogany neck with "modified V" profile and 24 3/4"-scale rosewood fingerboard.

Fans know that the new guitar couldn't come to Brad at a better time because he lost so many guitars and so much equipment during the Nashville floods.

Brad agreed with Entertainment Weekly that losing the guitars was like losing parts of his own body: "Yeah, it is. A couple of those guitars had been with me a long time. A few of them are really old. A lot of them were custom built for me. Those Teles that I play with the paisley finish - I've been playing some of those for as long as I can remember. And as we rehearse, I find myself thinking ... I always play a certain old guitar on 'Catch All the Fish.' I've always used this one guitar, because it feels right on that. And I keep finding myself going, "Now, when we play this..." and then it's like, "Ack! Not gonna be that guitar on that."

Here's hoping the new Gibson helps ease at least part of that pain.

Brad continues on the H2O tour. For dates and details, click here.

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