Brad PaisleyBrad Paisley just finished up his American Saturday Night tour a few weeks ago and has a couple of months off the road until he heads out on his H2O trek for the summer. One would think the husband and father of two would relish some time to recharge his batteries and do absolutely nothing for a little while after going 90 miles per hour for months! Not Brad. He's been keeping busy with labor-intensive work.

"[I've] been doing a lot of farm work, although it's been the worst winter I can remember, one of the worst in history, I think," Brad tells The Boot. "We had a couple of nice days last week and I was using the Catepillar skid steer out there pushing dirt around, and that's a lot of fun. Just getting outside has been great. We're in the middle of excavating a really large lake on our property, a pond. Whether or not it was a bad idea, we'll see here when we're done, whether it fills up or not. Working on stuff like that, and just taking time to sleep in a little bit, not that I don't do that already on the road!"

But that's not all the West Virginia native has been accomplishing since putting his stage clothes in hibernation. He's also looking ahead to the summer months. "We're also working on the new tour and starting to really get together with that and come up with ideas. That's the fun part, actually the planning of it is really fun for me. We have some things up our sleeve that are going to be really interesting to see if they work. If half of them work, it'll be great. I doubt that will happen, but it's a lot of fun. [So] I'm a little bored."

Brad's H2O tour, featuring special guests Darius Rucker, Justin Moore, Steel Magnolia, Easton Corbin and Josh Thompson, kicks off in Virginia Beach, Va. on May 21.

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