Kevin Jonas, the oldest in the wildly popular Jonas Brothers trio, loves all kinds of music, especially country! And he wants to know why other people disagree.

While pursuing songwriting projects in Nashville, Kevin has become buddies with Brad Paisley. The two teamed up for an interview in an upcoming Rolling Stone magazine devoted exclusively to the boy band. In the chat, Kevin asks Brad, "Why is it that some people are like, 'Oh, I hate country music'?" (quote via Nashville's Tennessean newspaper)

Instead of getting defensive, Brad makes a surprising admission: "I'll tell you why -- to some degree we deserve it," answers the country superstar. "Our job in country music is telling true stories, the things that matter to us. I think at times we've strayed from that, and our songs have become very defensive and anti-every other kind of music ... sort of like, 'We're country, and we're this, and we're that.'"

Kevin refuses to side with the "haters."

"I'm a huge country music fan, always have been," the JoBro writes on his blog. "'American Saturday Night' [Brad's new album] is an incredible record. Most of his records have a feeling of old country, but then you get the taste of the new -- and the new is definitely progressive. This record really takes leaps and bounds; there are blues songs on there, there are a couple of piano songs, there's a four-piece string and jug band ... So there's an eclectic sound, but the storytelling and the songs are incredible."

The Rolling Stone magazine featuring Brad and the Jonas Brothers hits stands Aug. 21.