Brad Paisley has earned his 22nd No. 1 hit. The West Virginia native celebrated the success of his chart-topping song, 'Beat This Summer,' earlier this week.

'Beat This Summer' is the second single from his 'Wheelhouse' album.

"It’s fun to have a song like this that takes me back to so many things about growing up,” Paisley tells Nashville's Tennessean of the tune, which he co-wrote with Nashville tunesmiths Luke Laird and Chris DuBois. “This is the most magical time of the year for a kid, I think.”

The married father of two is also excited about his new tune, 'I Can't Change the World,' which he says has a timely message for what is going on in the world today.

“I feel like as I look around, and one week it’s the Trayvon Martin hearing and the next week it’s a train derailing in Italy, and prior to that it’s Boston bombings, and it’s tornadoes in Oklahoma, and hurricane season is upon us," he explains.

Paisley adds, "And I just think that’s what people need to be thinking, which is that as much as it feels like you can’t make a difference right now because these problems are global -- I think the only response is that you have to keep focused and decide, is there somebody you love ... is there somebody who you can change their world, because we can’t change the big picture. But if we did that, that’s what would happen.”

Paisley will continue his Beat This Summer tour this week with three shows in California. See all of his upcoming concerts here.