Brad Paisley says that people have asked him for years when he and friend Keith Urban were going to record together. The question is legitimate since both men are not only great singers but also guitar virtuosos. Paisley says they've actually discussed it since the early stages of both their careers.

"Whenever we'd have a show together, when we were both new guys opening up for other people, we always talked about doing something together," says Paisley. "We played a lot of the same shows and we would always find time to get together and pick."

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Paisley recalls an especially memorable evening when the two were invited to perform at the Academy of Country Music's Christmas party in Los Angeles a few years ago. They decided last-minute to do a duet for the party.

"The only quiet place we could find to rehearse was the men's bathroom," Paisley recalls, with a laugh. "So there we were, sitting against the wall in the men's bathroom at the ACM party working up a duet to play. Now that was really fun."

When Paisley called Urban to talk about their current single, 'Start A Band' for his upcoming album 'Play,' he suggested that they get together to work on the song. Urban replied, "Yeah, I'm sure we can find a bathroom somewhere!"

Paisley adds that he and Keith have talked about doing some shows together. "I don't know if we'd do a full blown tour as much as we might do a run where we take a couple of weeks and play some markets. I think that would be just the most fun I could have ... We could work up so many interesting things. We've talked about a couple things – there are so many great songs that would lend themselves to us getting together and putting our treatment on them."