Brad Paisley is known for his keen sense of humor which often manifests itself in playing practical jokes on opening acts during his tours. His quick wit and his fun-loving side are so often on display in the media that they're somewhat taken for granted. But someone forgot to tell that to the teachers at Plainview High School in Plainview, Texas.

According to, the title of Brad's 2005 album, 'Time Well Wasted,' featuring pictures of melting clocks (inspired by artist Salvador Dali), was the inspiration for the theme for the school's 2010 yearbook

While the students got the joke, it seems the teachers were not amused.

The students who put the yearbook together were apparently going for a theme that would bring on a chuckle or two, and invoke some sweet memories with their creative cover artwork.

The students who created it claim the theme "is simply a Paisley-inspired use of wordplay, truly meaning that their time in high school has been well spent ... and that the angry teachers have taken the whole thing way too literally."

So literally that yearbook adviser Nicole Jackson reportedly resigned due to the fallout.

Brad wasted no time posting the link to the article on his Twitter account with the headline, "Paisley, please report to detention."

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