The Blue Water Highway Band, from Kyle, Texas, are exclusively debuting their "Q to Cortelyou" music video for fans of The Boot.

Watching this three-minute music video may be the most peaceful, gorgeous and inspirational thing you've seen all day. It's simple, with a deep feeling of longing at its core. Band member Greg Essington is featured on the keys of a stunning piano, gentle waves lap at the shoreline, the sun dips below the horizon, and the Q subway train barrels on.

"This is a song I wrote about the six years I lived in New York City. It involves a girl, of course, and taking the Q subway train out to the Cortelyou neighborhood,” Essington tells The Boot. “I was raised in Texas, but born in New Jersey, and you can see the influence of those cultures working together here. Musically, it sounds like the Northeast, but the country aspect comes out in its simplicity, economy of words and directness.

"The video, by our incredibly talented friend Yvonne Yu, follows this theme with its wistful shots of the city, contrasted with the simple shots of me at the piano," Essington continues.

The Blue Water Highway Band recorded "Q to Cortelyou" live, then added a string arrangement by David Wiley, explains Zack Kibodeaux, the band's vocalist, who also notes that the strings "really added a lot to the song."

"Q to Cortelyou" is off of the Blue Water Highway Band's Things We Carry album, which was released in February and is available on iTunes. The project's topics range from depression and the loss of a child to romantic relationships and being an underdog; it was recorded in Austin and was produced by David Butler.

The band is touring extensively throughout Texas and the Southeast this summer. More information can be found on their website.

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