Blake Shelton is enjoying the perks of sweet success. At a celebration last week for his No. 1 hit, 'She Wouldn't Be Gone,' the country crooner divulged one big reason why he really likes being on top.

"One of the good things that goes along with this type of momentum is things like offers to go out with George Strait," he told partygoers. "That's probably the biggest deal of them all for me at this point. He's the one guy out there that I want to be like ... I'm from Oklahoma. George Strait could run for President and get our votes!"

Shelton says he's given up on trying to act cool around his hero. Recalling the first time Strait ever spoke to him, the 6'5" tall Shelton laughs at the awkward encounter.

"It was the first CMA show after 9-11, and they decided to close the entire show with a performance of 'America the Beautiful.' Every artist that had been a part of the show was to be back out on stage and sing this song together. They had these little bleachers that we stood on so we were stacked and we could see everybody. For rehearsal, we all got out there, and I was standing next to George Strait, and this is what he said: 'Damn, I thought you were standing on a step.'"

While he hopes to have more opportunities to get to know Strait when they are on the road together, Shelton may need girlfriend Miranda Lambert to help break the ice for him. At a recent awards show, Strait engaged Lambert in conversation, while barely acknowledging her boyfriend sitting right beside her. "He kind of looked at me out of the corner of his eye, and goes, 'Hey Blake,' and I was texting Mom and Dad, 'Strait just said hi to me!' Maybe after this tour, I'll be the guy talking to George Strait."

Shelton kicks off his run on the Strait tour on May 15.