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Blake Shelton shows his softer side on his brand-new single, 'Who Are You When I'm Not Looking,' reminding fans he's just as spectacular of a balladeer as he is a rowdy honky tonker.

"I love the line about 'sliding down the hallway in her socks' and the line, 'Do you paint your toes 'cause you bite your nails?'" Blake tells The Boot, explaining his captivation with the lyrics the first time he heard the tune.

That first time was actually when he listened to an old buddy's album.

"I'm a huge Joe Nichols fan, and he put this song out an album called 'Real Things,'" Blake explains. "I was excited for Joe when I heard it, thinking 'that will easily be Joe Nichols' career song.' I was even more excited when they got out of that album and they never released it as a single, because then I was like, 'Now that's gonna be my career single!'"

'Who Are You When I'm Not Looking' follows Blake's three-week No. 1 hit, 'All About Tonight,' also the title of his latest album. Watch Blake perform his new love song live on NBC's 'Today' show below, around the 6:58 mark.

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