Blake Shelton loves being followed ... on Twitter, that is. But when you're not catching up on the singer's latest rants and raves (OK, mostly rants, but that's why we love ya, Blake!), he has a few other suggestions on how to find some "tweet" relief.

In a MySpace video countdown of the Top 6 Twitter sites he tracks daily, Blake first recommends keeping up with TMKansas. "You have to follow this guy," he says. "There seriously is something wrong with him." (sample tweet: "Our new cop has a gun and glasses so thick his eyes look like eggs. That's comforting.").

Also on Blake's list is the official Twitter page for PETA. He and the animal-rights organization have a long (and acrimonious) history together, so it's hardly surprising that he wants you to keep up with them, although "you'll realize just how stupid some of the stuff they say really is" isn't exactly a ringing endorsement!

A few fellow country artists also made Blake's Top 6 list: Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys, Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry (who, according to Blake, "may be the only guy that's more screwed up in the head than I am") and Martina McBride ("Because she's always drunk!")

And although The Boot is still reeling from being excluded, the No. 6 spot on Blake's list goes to CamelRanch. "This is a girl that actually lives, owns and works on a camel ranch."

We're not too sure what to make of that last one (and there don't seem to be any pictures of said camel ranch on her page), but we do know someone who might just have a little too much free time on his hands!