Blake Shelton is full of even more B.S. The country crooner releases 'More BS: Deluxe Edition' today. It's a re-release of his fourth studio album with three new tracks, including his current hit single, 'Home.'

"How strange to be re-releasing an album . . . but it's what makes sense," says Shelton. "I wasn't due for another album for a while, and 'Home' was being so well received, the label had to find a way to get it out to the fans."

'Pure BS: Deluxe Edition' also includes two additional unreleased songs that Shelton wrote: 'Chances' and 'I Can't Walk Away.' You can listen to the entire CD, track-by-track on AOL Music's full-CD listening party here.

Toby Keith also has a new CD in stores today. His '35 Biggest Hits' compilation boasts hits that span Keith's career, ranging from his first No. 1 hit, 1993's 'Should've Been a Cowboy,' to his current hit single, 'She's a Hottie.' The latter is a song Keith says his inner-circle of friends convinced him was a perfect new addition to this album of old favorites.

"It sets my summer tour up, it's up tempo and it's got a lot of attitude," he says.

Keith's '35 Biggest Hits' also includes his big hits 'How Do You Like Me Now?!,' 'Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American),' 'Who's Your Daddy?' and 'I Love This Bar, just to name a few.

Dierks Bentley releases his very first greatest hits compilation today, 'Every Mile a Memory: 2003 - 2008.' Bentley let his fans do most of the decision-making for this compilation. Thousands of fans logged onto to vote on the title, special content and artwork of the new album. The first 3,000 participants are listed as executive producers in the CD's liner notes.

Bentley's album includes ten of his biggest radio hits, plus live versions of 'So So Long,' 'Lot of Leavin' Left To Do,' 'Wish It Would Break' and 'Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go).' It also features two new tracks: 'With the Band' and 'Sweet and Wild,' a duet featuring country newcomer Sarah Buxton.