Joey + Rory have captured the national spotlight due to Joey Feek's terminal cancer diagnosis. Both those they know personally and those they don't have been sending their thoughts, prayers, love and well wishes to the couple and their family, and in a recent interview, Blake Shelton shared his thoughts on the Feeks' struggle.

Back in the early 2000s, before Joey + Rory appeared on Can You Duet, Rory Feek helped pen "Some Beach," which Shelton took to No. 1; the song was also certified gold. Shelton tells Entertainment Tonight that he "never really got to know [Rory] that well," but he is still touched by his and Joey Feek's bravery and faith.

"To see what they're going through as a family and what's happening with Joey ... you know, what can you say?" Shelton says. "But I'll tell you this: The courage that they as a family have displayed is -- it's inspirational.

"It's sad," Shelton adds, "but it's special at the same time."

In late October, Rory Feek informed fans, via his blog, that his wife’s first round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for Stage IV cervical cancer did not help; rather, two quarter-sized tumors had appeared in the same area that the doctors had been treating, and several more tumors had appeared in her abdomen. In light of that sad news, the Feeks stopped all medical treatments, returned to their Tennessee farm and canceled all of their Farmhouse Concerts that were scheduled for November and December.

They have been spending time in Joey Feek’s hometown, visiting with family, friends and other loved ones, and on Nov. 9, Rory Feek revealed that, after an emergency hospital visit, his wife would be entering home hospice care.

“Joey is at peace with where she is and where she’s going," Rory Feek writes. "So am I.”

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