Last year Blake Shelton was named PEOPLE magazine's sexiest man in country music. He also consistently ranks among Country Weekly's sexiest men each year. So when Jeff Foxworthy interviewed Blake for 'The Foxworthy Countdown' syndicated radio show, the host jokingly pointed out that Blake has changed since he was voted the sexiest man in country music.

Blake, of course, played along, responding, "You know what? The phone's ringing, Jeff. It's not Brad Paisley, it's Brad Pitt. It's not George Strait, it's George Clooney. I've got a new circle."

Jeff then asked Blake if he follows a special skin care regimen to maintain his sexiness.
"Absolutely," Blake joked. "I like to use the saline solution when I put my contacts in, it tends to run down my face when I put them in. [That's what gives me that glow] and people don't realize what it does."

And how does the avid outdoorsman keep his hair after those four-day hunting trips?

"I'm glad you asked that," Blake offered. "I'm all about being natural. Part of the way you get that look is by not showering for days on end and then the other way you get that look is the saline solution. If I bend my head back far enough, it goes back that way into my hair. Saline solution, I can't say enough about it."

Jeff also observed that when it comes to fashion, Blake is less about Gucci or Prada, and more into the Bass Pro Shop look, "because a lot of people wouldn't think to do that for their sexiest man in country music wardrobe."

"Let me tell you something," Blake replied, "I can kill as many birds with one stone when I do my shopping at Bass Pro. I can go there and walk out of there ready to perform. I can walk out of there ready to go to a race, ready to go fishing and hunting, and many times that outfit is all one."

Now, that's sexy!