Blake Shelton's label, Warner Brothers Records Nashville, is at the forefront of changing the way consumers buy CDs. With the advent of online music retailers, some consumers would rather digitally download individual tunes that shell out the bucks for a CD with more songs on it that they don't like than ones they do.

According to Billboard, WBR Nashville is replacing Blake's next full-length album with two shorter six-song collections available at a lower price. They're calling the new format a 'Six Pak.' It's the first time a major label is trying the alternative format. On March 2, Blake's 'Hillbilly Bone' will be available as a 'Six Pak,' with another six-song release by the singer tentatively slated for release in August.

"Fans will get more music than me putting out a new album every two years," Blake said in a press statement. "It's a quicker way to get new music to them."

'Hillbilly Bone' will be Blake's sixth studio album. Blake has yet to record the material for the August release.