Country star Blake Shelton couldn't be more thrilled that his musical hero George Jones contributes guest vocals on his latest album, 'Pure BS,' ... he just wishes the legend knew his name. Jones, along with fellow country vet John Anderson, recorded with Shelton on the track 'The Last Country Song.' After the recording session, a GAC camera crew came into the studio to interview the three singers, and that's when Jones started to refer to Shelton as "Darryl."

"He'd say stuff like, 'Man that Darryl sure can sing'," Shelton told us in his hilarious AIM Interview. "But George's wife, Nancy, saved the day. She made them stop rolling the cameras and told George my name is Blake."

What could've been an awkward situation was curbed by laughter, as Shelton said Jones simply turned to him and said, "Yeah, but Darryl's your middle name, right?"

Shelton tells AOL Music more about the album, which he calls "the one to remember me by," in our exclusive AIM Interview. He also dishes on his painful divorce, his new relationship with fellow star Miranda Lambert, how Rascal Flatts changed his stage show and how his talents in the kitchen go way beyond jello shots.

Blake Shelton AIM Interview