A year ago this week, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were married on a Texas ranch with dozens of their famous friends in attendance. More importantly, perhaps, the couple's cherished dogs also participated in the actual ceremony. That's no surprise, since their mutual love of animals is certainly well documented.

In celebration of the couple's one-year anniversary, the current issue of In Touch magazine photographed the couple and their brood, which isn't limited to those in the canine family.

"We've rescued at least 20 dogs, as well as cats and horses," Blake tells the magazine of the couple's Oklahoma home, which was formerly a hunting lodge.

Miranda, whose On Fire tour stops in Nashville this weekend, will be back in the Lone Star state next month, headlining her fifth annual Cause for the Paws concert on Friday, June 22, at Ford Park in Beaumont, Texas. The event will benefit the superstar's own MuttNation Foundation.

Naturally, the topic of raising children comes up with the newlyweds in nearly every interview and In Touch wanted to know if their shared experiences with animals has prepared them for a family.

"Not unless our kids go to the bathroom outside or on the floor!" joked Blake. But, he hastens to add, "If Miranda's as good with a human being as she is with dogs, the kid's going to be golden!"

The traditional one-year-anniversary gift, by the way, is paper. And since there seems to be no end to Blake and Miranda's ever-expanding menagerie, The Boot suggests keeping things simple. Consider sending the couple a year's supply of newspaper -- just perfect for indoor potty training.

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