Blake Shelton, Miranda LambertThe newly-engaged Miranda Lambert only has eyes for fiancé Blake Shelton, right? Not so much!

"Blake says I'm cheating on him with my ring, because I stare at it all the time," Miranda tells PEOPLE magazine. "It's absolutely beautiful. It has a vintage feel, and that's one thing I always wanted. It's platinum and has a big stone in the middle and two half-moon stones on the side. He picked it out all by himself, and I'm so proud of him!"

See the ring here!

With both singers in the midst of hectic touring schedules, they are trying to find the time to plan for the big day. "We are both so busy that we have people helping us with the plans," Miranda says. "I am just trying to enjoy being engaged. It's a magical time."

Blake jokes that the "magical time" has been good for him as well. "The beatings from her are less severe and less frequent now that I've stepped up, so that's been a good thing," he jokes. "I feel like I can relax. Every time she has an idea for the wedding that she tells me about, I tell her it's the same thing I was thinking."

Blake, however, does have one stipulation for their wedding. "The only must-have for me is country music," he says. "And I know it won't get any argument from her."

A must-have for Miranda is a fun reception. "I don't want a long ceremony because we're party people," notes the bride-to-be. "And I don't see myself in a giant ball gown, but you never know. You watch shows like 'Say Yes to the Dress,' and girls come in wanting a sundress and leave with a 14-lb. ball gown, so I have no idea!"

Even more so than walking down the aisle after five years of dating, Miranda is looking forward to her new title as "wife." "Weddings are great and diamonds are especially great, but I'm looking forward to proving myself to be a good wife," she says. "I want to tell him I really can love him the rest of my life ... I feel mostly happy because I'm really, truly in love with the person I'm engaged to."

Blake, too, is excited about making it official, but he also looks forward to life much further down the road. "When I see my parents with their grandchildren, seeing that relationship ... that's what I'm looking forward to most," he says. "We've been together long enough to know that we're more miserable apart than we are together. I think we're meant to be together, so we're just going to do something about it -- finally!"

Blake and Miranda's wedding will be some time next spring.

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