Christopher Polk, Getty Images for NARAS

If you believe what you read in the tabloids every week, you'd think the marriage between Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert is tempestuous and frequently on the rocks. But in a new interview, Shelton says they just laugh at what's reported -- along with everything else.

The singer and coach of NBC's hit reality singing competition 'The Voice' admits that he teases Lambert mercilessly all day long. "I'm always pestering her," he laughingly tells People. "I just cannot get enough because she gets irritated so quickly."

He'll even rib her about her beloved dogs. "It's terrible! Anything I can think of to get a rise out of her is a sport for me," Shelton admits.

It helps to have a good sense of humor. The couple's private life has been the source of endless tabloid speculation, with reports alternately claiming that Lambert is drinking because she spends too much time alone, that she's jealous because of Shelton's alleged wandering eye, and more recently that the couple are having a baby. The stories change from day to day, and the couple try to take it all in stride, even teasing each other over certain stories via Twitter.

Shelton shrugs it all off. "If you're in the public eye, people are going to take shots at you," he observes. He recently revealed that he lets his wife go through his phone or computer any time she wants to. "[I tell Miranda], 'I have nothing to hide from you,' " he says. "That's really the kind of trust we have."