Blake Shelton has no trouble dishing out jokes and pranks -- and he has no problem taking them, either. Leading up to the 2015 CMA Awards, Shelton says that he is prepared to be the subject of some of co-hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood's on-stage bits -- specifically, about his recent divorce from Miranda Lambert.

"This year’s gonna be awkward at the CMAs, speaking of jokes,” Shelton tells Late Night With Seth Meyers. "... There’s gotta be one about me and Miranda. Brad Paisley is not doing his job if he doesn’t look down there and go, ‘Ha ha!’

"He's gotta do it. You have to address the elephant in the room. He has to," Shelton continues. "We’ve had the conversations, like, ‘Okay, dude. I’ll go sit there and let you kick me in the face a few times.’ I know it’s coming.”

Paisley and Underwood will be co-hosting the CMA Awards for the eighth year, and in the past, they've poked fun at plenty of country stars (including themselves), "Obamacare" and numerous other pop culture goings-on. Still, Shelton insists that there are no hard feelings.

"Everybody's friends. If you're in the country industry, it really is a family ... a big, inbred family," he says. "It's awesome."

Shelton and Lambert announced their divorce in July, and while neither has delved into the details of their split, Shelton has been open in discussing how he's coping.

“I’m in a good place. I wasn’t, but I am now,” the The Voice coach said in early October. “It’s amazing how quickly life can turn around for you. I’ve had some pretty cool things in recent times that have happened, and I’m loving it.”

And both country stars are adamant that they're remaining friendly with each other.

“Our whole thing was, we are going to be cool about this, it is what it is,” Shelton says. “We’re buddies.”

The 2015 CMA Awards are scheduled to air live from Nashville on Nov. 4 at 8PM ET on ABC.

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