Thompson Square had three big wins at Monday's American Country Awards, and singer Keifer Thompson also came away with something arguably as good: a smooch from Blake Shelton.

"He kissed me on the mouth earlier. He's got really nice lips," the 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not' singer told backstage at the show. "[Blake's lips] are very soft."

"I think he uses a lot of lip balm," Keifer added, his wife Shawna by his side, "strawberry, I think."

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Not to rain on Keifer's parade, but he's not the first dude Blake has planted his smackers on. The 'Honey Bee' singer spent much of the summer trying to kiss on Brad Paisley, his fellow traveler on the H20 II: Wetter & Wilder tour.

"I hump on his legs and things like that," Blake said earlier this year. "I try to make him as uncomfortable as I possibly can. I try to kiss him and put my fingers up his nose while he's trying to play a guitar solo."

It remains to be seen how Blake's burgeoning bromance with Keifer will sit with LGBT advocates, who have previously blasted the singer for what they deemed homophobic tweets, but 'The Voice' star doesn't aim to please everyone.

"I hope that people learn from me, it's OK to be yourself," Blake told the New York Times back in July. "It's OK to offend somebody, and, as a matter of fact, please be polarizing. If you're not polarizing, you failed, in my opinion. If you don't stand for something, how can anyone respect what you do?"

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