Lovebirds Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are out together on one of the most talked-about tours of the fall. And before the couple hit the road, several important points had to be resolved. The pair recently spoke to CMT Insider about the details their respective record labels, managers, and booking agents were ironing out, and the very different issues the two of them faced in mounting the co-headlining concert trek.

"Everybody wants to know who's opening," said Shelton, adding that it was "probably the No. 1 question that came up when we decided we were going to do this. We decided that by the time this show is over, you won't know who opened or closed. All you'll know is that there was just a whole bunch of music and a bunch of stuff going on stage the whole time. It's not gonna matter who opens or closes."

Shelton joked that fans looking for signs of the couple's romantic life might in fact witness something different.

"You intimidate me a little bit when I'm on stage with you," he told Lambert.

Noting that they are very different artists on stage, and that off stage they keep a playful attitude about their three-year relationship, Miranda said, "I wanted to make sure that we stayed true to what we do on stage, but also, it's such a great thing to be with your best friend -- the person that you are in love with and an amazing artist. I mean, that's a once in a lifetime opportunity, although we get to do it every night that we can. So it's a really, really special thing for us ... We have definitely an antagonistic kind of fun, competitive relationship. It's all fun, though. We really respect each other so much. My favorite part is when we get to do stuff like acoustic or do a partner show that's just us two on stage by ourselves, because that's how we are in real life. I mean, that's what we do at home. We just sit down with our guitars, and I love to hear him sing."

Lambert also revealed that she has an important role as her boyfriend's fashion consultant and laundress, although she admits that she washed a few of his blue plaid shirts, "accidentally" turning them pink.

"I always ask him what he's going to wear, but I always know it's plaid," she joked. "It's a plaid pearl snap and Wranglers. Every time, and I don't know why."

"She asked me just a second ago what I'm gonna wear," Blake admitted. "She said, 'What are you wearing for this interview?' And I said, 'Well, what the hell? The shirt that I woke up in. That I passed out in last night. What the hell's wrong with this shirt?' So, she gave me the look of death, which meant this really isn't worth an argument, but you're disgusting to me.' I am OK with that. I can live with that."

Lambert calls the couple's relationship "one of the strongest that I've ever seen, and Shelton agrees, although he confesses, "There were times early on there that -- I know that she did and I know that I did -- we were just ready to give up on it and walk away from it because there's nothing easy about having a relationship doing what we do. But we just decided that as miserable as we are together, it's way more miserable when we're apart."

"Well, that's a sweet way of putting it," Miranda responded, "Thank you, honey."