Blake SheltonBlake Shelton was the guest of honor at a party in Nashville on Wednesday (May 12) to celebrate the No. 1 success of his recent hit, 'Hillbilly Bone,' which also features pal Trace Adkins.

The lobby of the Starstruck Entertainment building, owned by Reba McEntire, was standing-room-only as members of the music industry paid tribute to Blake for his sixth chart-topping single. Plaques, sterling silver cups and more awards were handed out to Blake, the writers of the song -- Craig Wiseman and Luke Laird -- producer Scott Hendricks, Warner Brothers' label head Joe Esposito and just about everybody involved with bringing the song to life. The Country Music Association also donated $10,000 worth of dog bones to the Nashville Humane Society in honor of 'Hillbilly Bone.'

The festive mood was made even more so with Blake's new fiance, Miranda Lambert, showing her support on the sidelines, preferring to stay out of the spotlight and let her man shine. Many at the party were craning their necks to try to catch a glimpse of the new rock adorning her left hand.

When Blake got his turn to speak to the crowd, he showed off a bit of his sarcastic wit. "To be honest with y'all, it's tough enough to go do interviews with people like Chelsea Handler and talk about a song called 'Hillbilly Bone,'" the Oklahoma native said. "I've been defending that for a while, you know -- 'My hillbilly bone got really big' and all that stuff you have to hear."

The singer then explained he overheard Craig give an interview to reporters about how he and Luke were just "messing around" when they came up with the song, and joked with them, "Between y'all, that's awesome, man!"

Blake is set to take his 'Hillbilly Bone' to Biloxi, Miss., on Friday, May 14.

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