Blake Shelton is currently riding high with the chart-topping Six Pak album, 'All About Tonight,' and its title cut -- also at No. 1, but the singer is already looking ahead to November when he'll release a greatest hits collection.

"It is a big deal to me," Blake tells the 9513, "because I always thought that I would have made it if I had a greatest hits album; I would have had some impact if that ever came out. We have accomplished something that the company wants to put out an album with 15 songs on it. I can't believe that 11 years have gone by since I've been doing this."

While Blake has his fair share of hits to choose from, including 'Austin,' 'The Baby' and the recent 'Hillbilly Bone,' one of the songs that won't be on the upcoming compilation is 'The House That Built Me,' which could have been included if Blake hadn't been such a nice guy and let his fiancée Miranda Lambert record it (and take it all the way to No. 1!)

"I look at it that Miranda is my retirement," Blake says with a laugh. "And 'The House That Built Me' is me investing into my retirement. She's like the world's best 401k."

Beyond releasing the hits compilation in the fall, and planning (or staying out of the way of planning!) his upcoming wedding to Miranda, Blake jokes with The Boot that he may have a new role to play some time in the future. Since Miranda and Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott got together to write 'Suffocating,' a track from 'All About Tonight,' and Blake has Hillary singing on it with him, he reasons that when "[Lady A singer] Charles [Kelley] pisses off the other two, I should be a candidate for the new lead singer of Lady Antebellum. I already have the beard going, too, and I'm tall."

A release date for Blake's greatest hits has yet to be officially announced.