Blake Shelton is known for his sense of humor almost as much as he is for his music. And sometimes the singer's comedic side rubs off on his fans, in a not-so-polite way.

"They think it's fun, because of the 'Some Beach' video, to flip me off. They assume that that's flattering to me and so I flip 'em off back and they love it," Shelton tells Dial-Global. "That's kind of the relationship that I have with my fans. I think that's why they call themselves ''s,' because none of them take themselves or me that seriously."

Shelton, who just celebrated his 32nd birthday, is hoping to celebrate a No. 1 hit soon. His latest single, 'Home,' is is sitting at No. 2 on the country charts for the second week in a row. He performed the song on Monday night's episode of 'Nashville Star.'