Once again, Blake Shelton has had to turn to social media to negate the rumor mill. This time, Shelton took out a slew of rumors, including one that he and wife Miranda Lambert are heading toward a $40 million divorce.

According to the National Enquirer, the country duo are headed for the expensive split after Shelton took a photo with Lindsey Sporrer at fellow ‘The Voice’ coach Usher’s house. The magazine claims that “when Miranda saw the photo, she flipped out. She called Blake and accused him of cheating with Lindsey.” It’s true that Shelton snapped a shot with Sporrer, but that seems to where the accuracies end.

Along with divorce rumors, there have also been speculations that the couple are expecting a baby and in a duel with one of the famous mentors for Shelton’s team on ‘The Voice.’

Shelton takes it all in stride and addressed all the rumors at once with two hilarious posts to his Twitter account:

Good thing Shelton has thick skin and a great sense of humor -- the rumors are sure to continue, but we just hope he continues with the hilarious comments in return.