Blake Shelton was the guest of honor at a big party celebrating his No. 1 single, 'Home,' Monday night in Nashville. The song was originally recorded by Michael Buble, who co-wrote it with Amy Foster-Gillies and Alan Chang. Shelton discovered it after girlfriend Miranda Lambert took the liberty of putting it on his iPod. Initially unsure if the song would work for his album, Shelton clearly is grateful he took the chance.

"Amy and Allen, thank you for writing a song that turned my career around," he gushed during the BMI-hosted bash.

Shelton, who worked with famed producer Brent Rowan (Dolly Parton, George Strait, Kenny Chesney) on 'Home,' was humbled by the experience of working with such a legend.

"You have to hope you meet with a guy like this one day to go into the studio," Shelton says of Rowan. "Brent let me play acoustic guitar on 'Home.' Somehow I made it sound like I knew what the hell I was doing."

Shelton is now in the middle of a summer tour and putting the finishing touches on his next album. And as for the next phase of his career, he admits his recent No. 1 has sparked a new determination inside of him.

"I have never been more excited about my career than I am right now. It's unbelievable."