Blake Shelton has his fourth career No. 1 song with 'Home.' The country star's remake of the Michael Buble hit tops the country singles charts this week. Shelton says he knew 'Home' wasn't originally intended to be a country song, but he was willing to take the risk recording it.

"You never know how people are going to react to the cover of a song," Shelton tells Dial-Global. "For one thing, to cover an old country song is scary enough, but to cover a pop song, it's a stretch for me. But when I listen to 'Home,' it just doesn't sound like anything other a country song to me. And so, I had the same worries about it as I do with any single that I release . . . I have my fingers crossed and I sweat it out."

Shelton has girlfriend Miranda Lambert to thank for introducing him to the song. She loaded the original version on his iPod, knowing he'd love it.

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