When CeeLo Green announced his departure as a judge on the hit TV show, 'The Voice,' earlier this week, fellow judge Blake Shelton didn't mask his disappointment over the news.

“I campaigned a lot for CeeLo to stay. And I knew what the network was doing with changing coaches in and out, but I figured . . . in the back of my mind I guess I hoped CeeLo would be back,” Shelton admits (quote via Country Weekly).

But while the 'Doin' What She Likes' singer is saddened by Green's decision, he admits he understands his choice.

“He’s got so much going on in his mind and so much creativity that a lifetime probably’s not enough to explore everything that he wants to try to do," Shelton adds. "He probably feels like he’s done his time on a reality show and he’s ready to go do a puppet show or whatever he’s got in mind next."

The Oklahoma native says the rapper has his full support. "I’m not surprised he’s moved on," he says. "It makes me sad, though.”

The 37-year-old definitely understands Green's predicament, and almost followed in his footsteps last year, due to the show's rigorous taping schedule.

“At some point something’s got to give,” he says. “I’ve been very vocal with the network and Mark Burnett’s production company that I don’t like it. They need to think about what the [schedule] means to all of us.”

Season 6 of 'The Voice,' which will include Shelton, Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher as judges, will premiere on Feb. 24 at 8PM ET on NBC.