After playing a few shows together this summer, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, country music's hot couple of the moment, have decided they'll hit the road this fall for what promises to be one hot ticket.

"We spent a week in Nashville rehearsing the show, getting the lights ready," Shelton told the Toledo Blade newspaper. "It's going to be something like people haven't seen before."

Miranda agrees, telling the Toledo Free Press, "I think people will enjoy it, because besides Faith [Hill] and Tim [McGraw], there aren't a lot of couples who can go out there and do what we're doing. So we're really happy to be working together."

While they obviously have a lot of fun working and writing songs together, Blake revealed that there's a particular guitar in his collection that Miranda frequently uses to write her own songs .He joked that even though he has no problem letting his sweetheart use the guitar, he may be missing out on some of the profits.

"I got to thinking, 'Man, that guitar's gotta be worth a lot of money,' Blake told Dial-Global, with tongue firmly in cheek. "She's written some of her hits on [it]. And it made me think, 'Man, I need to be getting some credit on these freakin' songs.' She's using my guitar and she's writing them on my bus and in my house. So, I'm probably gonna have to hire an attorney and sue her. I'm not above that."

Fans can expect to hear some of the couple's collaborative efforts on Miranda's upcoming studio album -- unless he's not really kidding about the lawyers!