Blackberry Smoke have premiered the video for "Too High." The song is from their latest album, Holding All the Roses, which was released earlier this month on Rounder Records.

The clip features a storyline about children who run off into the woods and come across a surprising scene, interspersed with shots of the band performing the song. With lyrics like "Every day ain't my day / Easy Street don't run my way ... Ring my bell, time will tell / Someday soon I'm gonna give 'em hell," the tune's brooding versus and harmonious chorus fit well with the music video.

"We want to make a different record every time, if we can," lead singer Charlie Starr tells The Boot about the new album. "As a band, it’s so enjoyable to learn how to use the studio because the studio’s a different animal than playing live ... [We wanted to make a record with] more textures, more tone, more light and shade, you know? And so that’s what we did. I think we achieved that."

The five-man group will spend much of 2015 on the road, including a show at Nashville's famed Ryman Auditorium on Feb. 18. And even fans who have already seen Blackberry Smoke in action can expect the unexpected on this tour, Starr says.

"We want to always keep it fresh, not only for ticket buyers but for ourselves, so we’re trying to incorporate new things," he explains. "And with the new album is a whole new batch of songs that work their way into the show, but at the same time, we’ll be pulling older stuff as well. We always try and keep it a nice mixture."

See a list of Blackberry Smoke's upcoming shows here, and download Holding All the Roses here.