Billy Ray Cyrus is happy to be home. The star and his entire family are in Tennessee for the summer, while Cyrus hosts 'Nashville Star' and films the highly-anticipated 'Hannah Montana' movie with daughter Miley. Cyrus says being back in the south is a welcome change of scenery.

"After two-and-a-half years [in L.A.], somewhere along the line I had become lost," Cyrus tells PEOPLE magazine. "This is who I am. That other guy out there is just Hollywood."

Cyrus also credits his home state as being therapeutic for his superstar daughter, especially after her recent publicity scandals.

"Miley realized who she was and where she came from," he says. "I know she's happy."

Miley should certainly be happy with her career right now. Her new album, 'Breakout,' is expected to debut on top of the album charts this week, with projected sales of more than 350 million copies.