If you think Miley Cyrus -- aka the hottest teenager on the planet -- is the only one of Billy Ray's children who aspires to greatness in the land of entertainment, think again. The Boot wondered how the country star and his wife Tish make Miley's siblings feel special in their fish-bowl existence, with the pressure of measuring up to their insanely famous sister. Billy Ray was quick to point out to us that his other children are doing just fine, thank you very much.

"You've got to keep in mind that my son Trace (20) is in Metro Station, which has a hit album all around the world," Billy Ray explains to The Boot. "He's in Switzerland today as we speak, and got all the way in the last month from Japan to the Philippines across Canada. Metro Station are huge worldwide. Trace is living his dream."

And there very well may be two more members of the Cyrus clan coming soon to a radio station near you.

"Brandi (22), my daughter, has a band called Frank and Derol that's about to get signed to a record deal," Billy Ray proudly reports. "My son Braison (15), he's in a band called Lazy Randy, and he loves rock 'n' roll. He's pretty much obsessed with Nirvana and Kirt Cobain."

But it's Billy Ray and Tish's youngest who seems to be following in her 'Hannah Montana' sister's footsteps.

"My little girl Noah (9) just came back from Los Angeles where her new animation premiered," says Billy Ray of his third daughter. "She's doing the lead voiceover, along with Matt Damon, with this new Disney animation coming out in August called 'Ponyo.' Noah is the voice of Ponyo. It's a pretty special story. Noah was born into my first [TV] series, 'Doc,' so she's been acting her whole life."

Billy Ray insists he has let his kids follow their hearts when it comes to their careers, without any pressure -- or objection -- from him.

"They are all in the business. I wish I could say that Miley is the only one, but all my kids are artistic and love doing artistic things. I just tell all my kids to do what they love and to pursue their dreams – whatever that is. I wish they would all just enjoy sitting down on the farm and riding horses all day. That sounds pretty good to me. That's not their thing right now. Unfortunately, they're too much like their daddy. They love the art of making music. They love acting. That's pretty much the way I've always been so I can't really blame them for that!"