Country music heartthrob Billy Currington will release his third album, 'Little Bit of Everything,' on October 14. It's the long-awaited follow-up to the platinum-selling 'Doin' Something Right,' which he released in 2005.

"People kept asking what kind of music they'd hear on this next album," Currington says, "whether it was going to be R&B, pop, country or rock, and I seemed to keep saying the same thing, 'It's going to be a little bit of everything, I guess!'"

'Little Bit of Everything' is somewhat of a comeback for Currington. In 2007, he spent 30 days in Arizona, and another six months in Hawaii, undergoing therapy for anger issues stemming from physical abuse he endured as a child.

Co-produced by Currington with Carson Chamberlain, five of the new CD's 12 tracks were written or co-written by Billy. He also recently shot a video in downtown Nashville for the new single, 'Don't.' The new album will also include the 2007 single, 'Tangled Up.'

Although he now resides in Nashville, several photos for Currington's album package were shot in Savannah, about 30 miles from his hometown of Rincon, Georgia.

"Every time I go there I feel at home," Billy told the Gainesville Times recently. "So that's kind of why they wanted to do it there, just to get that hometown feel. [I] found a bunch of great locations that I've never been before. It was great exploring the unknown that I didn't get to as a child."