Alex Stevens just may owe his life to his bass guitar. Billy Currington's bass player was one of more than 75 people injured in the brutal storm that hit Canada's biggest country music festival, the Big Valley Jamboree, on Aug. 1. Alex was leaving the stage with his bass slung over his shoulder when a huge gust of wind caused the stage to collapse.

"It was like being blindsided by a bus," Alex tells the Edmonton Journal. "I was halfway down the stairs off the back of the stage, when a whole section of seating and scaffolding slammed into me from my right side. I was pinned underneath it and unable to move."

Alex's guitar acted as a barrier between himself and the debris, possibly saving him from serious injury or even death.

"I'm convinced that if I hadn't been wearing my bass, my pelvis or back would've been crushed or broken," he says. "I don't know how long I was trapped, but it seemed like an eternity."

Alex had surgery to repair a severed artery in his left arm. He still has a ways to go in the recovery process but hopes to return to touring with Billy again very soon. Billy suffered a concussion in the storms and has had to cancel several performances while he recovers, as well.

In addition to the numerous injuries, the storms claimed the life of one fan at the Big Valley Jamboree. Donna Moore was fatally crushed by large speakers that tumbled from the stage.