Billy Currington is a big believer in 'good things come to those who wait.' And he proved that both patience and persistence paid off -- big-time -- with the chart-topping hit, 'People Are Crazy.' When Billy first heard the tune, he immediately called to ask about recording it, but was told to take a number and get in line behind a few heavy hitters: namely George Strait, Kenny Chesney and Alan Jackson, who were all interested in the song.

"My friend said, 'That song has already been recorded and 10 people are waiting in line who want to record it, so don't even worry about it,'" Billy tells the Associated Press. A month later, however, Billy called to ask about the song one last time and this time was given the green light to record it.

With a No. 1 hit, CMA Single and Video of the Year nominations (not to mention mad props from late-night TV's David Letterman), Billy's learned much more beyond "God is great, beer is good and people are crazy."

"It's a slow process and it gets better every year," the Georgia native says of his growing popularity. "I like it that way because I'm a fan of anything that goes slow. I'm as laid back as anyone you'll ever meet."

That's a good thing, since the CMA Awards are still a couple of months away!