Billy Currington won't make you wait too long for a chance to 'Enjoy Yourself' with his new album of that name -- it's set to be released September 21.

It's an apt title when you consider his Top 5 hit off the album is called 'Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer,' a track written by Troy Jones. The other songs on the album, including 'Bad Day Fishin',' which Billy wrote himself, also echo the album title's theme.

"It's a great mix. It reflects who I am," Billy says about the collection of 10 songs on the new project. "I'm definitely not just one thing. I'm the beach guy, I'm the country guy, I love my dirt roads and fishin', but I love New York City and L.A. and Miami, too."

To make sure the disc had the right mix, Billy dug into a stash of songs he had squirreled away through the years.

"It's been a process for this particular project for like five years when I go back through my songs," Billy tells The Boot. "I've been stashing all these songs that I get pitched every year in this one little spot on my computer -- it's probably been more like 10 years of songs now -- and so I feel like I'm so stashed up with songs that I didn't need to write or look for them."

Early critical reviews underscore that the mix works. A Billboard critic wrote that "'Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer' "is the kind of ditty worth spinning on loop. Currington is pretty good at more than just knocking back a few cold ones and this lead single sounds like a sure thing."

The album features some of Nashville's top songwriters, including Dave Barnes, Shawn Camp, Scotty Emerick, Jones and Mark Nesler.

"This record was about recording songwriter's songs," says Billy. "I could have gone back and recorded a bunch of mine that I've written, but there were a lot of writers I wanted to record, like Shawn and Troy. I had to put their songs on this album."

Billy is on tour, with his next concert is set for August 25 in Stillwater, Okla. For a complete list of dates and cities, check here.