When it came time for Billy Currington to record his latest album, 'Little Bit of Everything,' the singer knew he needed a particular kind of song to complete the project. "I can't record an album without putting some kind of really, really country, or what some may call a redneck song [on the album]," says Billy.

Prior to completing 'Little Bit of Everything,' Billy retreated to Florida with songwriters Dallas Davidson and Brett Jones for a few days, with no intention of "working." "I was in Key West one day -- one particular weekend, as a matter of fact," Billy recalls. "We went out there to kind of get away from writing songs and to get away from singing, all that kind of music stuff. We just wanted to take it easy."

But before he finished packing his bags, Billy broke the rules by taking along one item in particular which, as it turned out, was a good idea. "I just happened to bring a guitar with me," Billy says with a laugh. "I threw a fork into everything!"

The first night in Key West, one of the writers started playing a little riff on Billy's guitar. That riff soon turned into 'That's How Country Boys Roll,' Billy's current single. "In a matter of two or three hours we were done and off to the bar!" Billy says.

'That's How Country Boys Roll' is the follow-up to Billy's chart-topping hit, 'People Are Crazy.'