Songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman has penned some of country music's biggest hits -- Faith Hill's "This Kiss," "Happy Girl" by Martina McBride and Trisha Yearwood's "You Say You Will," among others -- but she's also a talented singer in her own right. The Texas native has released several albums as an artist, achieving eight Top 40 singles in the 1990s and earning a Top 20 record as recently as 2010 (Back to Love) -- and she recently released another new album, Liv On, which brings her together with her good friends, Olivia Newton-John and songwriter Amy Sky.

Liv On features 11 tracks, all co-written by Nielsen Champan, Newton-John and Sky. The project was inspired by the death of Newton-John's older sister, Rona, who passed away in May of 2013, following a brief battle with brain cancer.

"[Olivia] and Amy have worked together for quite a long time, off and on, over the years," Chapman explains to The Boot. "They got together, and they were working on the song to honor Olivia’s sister, and they started talking about the fact that there’s not really that much out there to help people that are grieving. So they called me up and said, ‘Want to be in a trio?’ I said, ‘With you? Um, yeah!’"

The trio's goal with Liv On is not only to help Newton-John through her own grieving process, but also to help others in similar situations.

"We did it to heal us and heal others," Newton-John shares. "We’ve been getting so many wonderful letters and people coming up and say, ‘Your songs are really helping me.’ It’s been incredible ... We’re very, very thrilled that this will help people."

Liv On was released in mid-October, but the three women may continue their partnership; at the very least, they haven't ruled out making more music together in the future, if only as a way to reconnect.

"We’d be in our PJs, popping popcorn and crying and laughing," Chapman recalls of creating the record. "It was an amazing project to be a part of."

Liv On is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.