Cheers-worthy lines: "Got the ultra-ray wraparound sunglass vision / Got the sails up, iced down, a cool ambition / Just to relax and let the six-pack summer roll."

Recorded and co-written by Phil Vassar, "Six Pack Summer" was the fourth single from his eponymous (and certified Gold) album and was released in June 2001. Vassar is known for What do you need for a perfect summer? Sunblock, a blanket, the best of Jimmy Buffet to rock out to, t-bones for the grill and a six pack (or two or ten) for the cooler.

The song peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard Country charts and from the start, it begins regaling the miseries of winter. Vassar sings, "Winter sure was cold and miserable / Cooped up, shut down, baby it was pitiful / Anyhow, it's over now / We owe to ourselves to have a little fun," and turns his eyes to the six pack summer that's coming 'round the corner.

Even in the wintry days of snow and slush or the blustery days of spring, this song will warn you up in the best possible way, adding a little sunshine to your day. You'll be more than inspired to find a little patch of sunlight, crack open a beer and cheers the approach of summer.