Cheers-worthy lines: "You've got beer from all over the world on the wall / I can even get a free T-shirt, if I try them all."

Dierks Bentley is known for keeping a cooler of "homegrown brew" onstage during his live shows and his "Domestic, Light and Cold" from Modern Day Drifter goes along perfectly with his preferred beverage.

Bentley's 2005 song can ease the sting of any breakup as he asks the bartender for anything 'Domestic, Light and Cold.' He sings, "Hey bartender, can I make one special request? / My woman left me, so tonight I'll be drinkin' your best / I'm not talkin' about Single Malt, Scotch, Jagermeister, or Cuervo Gold / I'll take anything domestic, light, and cold."

The singer has said before he likes to write "... sad songs you can drink beer to and happy songs you can also drink beer to," adding, " I like to think my records go down really well with light domestic beer. So that’s what we try to work on."

We can't imagine drinking anything but a cold one while listening to Bentley's tunes; they go down easy, just like a cold beer on a summer day. We'll raise a glass to that.