Cheers-worthy lines: "Half a dozen cases doesn't last that long / Come tomorrow morning it'll be all gone / It's turn around, leave town, sounds again / Like a B-double E-double are you in?"

"Beer Run" sung by Garth Brooks and George Jones in 2001 is a standout country song and one that Brooks will remember recording forever. He gets teary about it to this day when he thinks about recording with his hero and says, "My time with Jones in the studio was very hard for me, probably maybe the hardest thing I've ever done. I had to act like … it's your guy, [but] I just was trying not to be a fan, I was just trying to be somebody that was in the music industry with him. And it was just tough, it was tough to just see that guy without a cape. But now I've got bragging rights forever."

He adds humorously, "I think I can describe that day: it was the least I've ever been pissed off at getting out-sung. It was an honor to get my ass kicked that day."

Jones was an obvious pick for this duet. He has one of the most memorable beer runs in country music. Back in his notoriously alcohol-fueled days, his wife hid his car keys so he couldn't go buy booze. But she forgot about his riding lawn mower, which he famously drove on his sneaky beer run.

"Beer Run" is on Brooks' Scarecrow and Jones' 2001 record The Rock: Stone Cold Country 2001.