Bari Leigh's debut album, 'Tonight, I'm Unchained,' was just released, but already the singer-songwriter is making waves with her innovative music. Leigh, who grew up listening to artists like Dolly Parton, Etta James and Bobbie Gentry, combined all of those influences into one unforgettable record.

"'Tonight, I'm Unchained' helped me discover who I am as an artist and, most important, who I am as a human being," she tells The Boot. "Writing and producing each song taught me something new about myself and pushed me in ways I've never been pushed before!"

Leigh is treating readers of The Boot to an exclusive first listen of 'Over Again,' one of the songs from her brand-new album.

"'Over Again' is my second-favorite song on the album because of what went into it," she says of the tune. "When I first visited Nashville [before I moved here], I had a few meetings where I had to present songs to publishers. My boyfriend at the time told me I should trash the song, no one would ever like it ... I felt differently. It went over really well, and I'm glad I listened to my gut!"

The 25-year-old realized early on that her music wouldn't fit into one genre, so she created her own name for her innovative sound.

"I call it organic pop, which, I'm not sure if that's a real term or if I just made it up," she tells 'Entertainment Tonight.' "But I call it organic pop because it's real instruments, and I play a lot of country and blues, so it combines all of that."

Leigh is certainly taking charge of her own career. In addition to writing and co-producing all 10 songs on 'Tonight, I'm Unchained,' she also is releasing the record on her own Starfish Music (ECR Music Group).

“I’ve been surrounded by strong, independent women my whole life,” she explains. “I’m not about to not be one of them.”

Listen to Bari Leigh, 'Over Again':